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Guiding the way to better health care…one person at a timeSM

Helping each person achieve the best possible health care

Resolution Health is a personal health care guidance company. We give individuals the knowledge and confidence they need to interact more effectively with their health care providers. We help each individual get more value from their health plan, their doctors and the health dollars they spend.

Putting personal health information to work

We focus on the individual. First, we analyze each individual’s personal health data to create a Personal Health Picture. Then, we complete a Personal Health Scan to identify ways to improve their health and reduce their costs. We translate this knowledge into action by sending personalized, easy-to-understand messages to the individual, their physician and their care manager.

Personally delivering health care quality and cost effectiveness

Our personal health care guidance can improve the safety, quality and coordination of health care for each individual and help lower their health care costs. Our approach has been proven to be effective in increasing compliance with evidence-based best practices, with a positive return on investment, in both randomized and matched-control studies.